We could not do this without our team of parent volunteers.

Jess Mazur - Project Manager
Jess Alexander - Leading volunteer coordination, & handling building specs
Ian Sady and Jesse Nash - Engineer/Construction design     
Belinda Aldrich - Marketing graphic designer
Cooper Funk - making sure we follow town codes
Ryan Gates - Site work

We have a project manager (Jess Mazur), two engineers (Ian Sady and Jesse Nash), a marketing/graphic designer (Belinda Aldrich), and two others - one person making sure we follow town codes (Cooper Funk) and the other leading volunteer coordination, and handling building specs (Jess Alexander). This is my “dream team.”  The site has been mapped out and trees will be removed this weekend with more site work to follow (Ryan Gates has agreed to lead that effort). Jesse Nash is drawing up the plans for the platform, bathroom, and ramp for town and fire marshal approval with Ian Sady’s help. Belinda Aldrich, Viktorie Mathiau, and Christina Kelley are leading the charge on a capital campaign as we utilize the writing talents and skills of Kathleen Fleury, and several grants have been written and submitted by myself, Jess Mazur, Ariana Killoran, and Wyatt McConnell. 


Tree Cutting & Clearing
Ryan Gates, Daniel Bennett, Chris River & Ian Sady