Our Mission


At Peopleplace Cooperative Preschool, we believe that play is the best way to learn. For more than three decades we have fostered an environment of collaboration, creativity, and confidence through our exceptional play-based programs for young children. Now we are extremely excited to announce our plans to continue that legacy by opening an innovative outdoor classroom next fall.

This summer we will be clearing space in our woods and raising a 24’ yurt around which children will spend a significant part of the day outside — year round. Our staff and teachers are hard at work developing a cutting edge outdoor curriculum. Currently, there are fewer than a half dozen early education outdoor classrooms in the state. We are thrilled to be leading the way in Maine and raising the next generation of outdoor-loving Mainers.

We have taken this innovative step for many reasons. The benefits of outdoor learning are numerous and scientifically proven: kids are more physically active, calmer and attentive, achieve higher scores on standardized tests, and experience less bullying. Our demand was also outpacing our capacity, as more and more families are drawn to our play-based philosophy. By expanding our offerings we can keep our current students and bring in new faces as well. We also hope to promote the value of outdoor play by utilizing the new space for the wider community.

But by far the most important reason for this expansion is that we truly believe our children, our community, and our world at large will be better off if more families have the opportunity to attend a program like ours and to spend time playing and learning in nature.

Please join us in this adventure and support our dream to create an inspiring outdoor classroom for our children and our community.